Drinking French

法国饮料世界活着Drinking French是一种美味的底漆,涵盖在巴黎咖啡馆和小酒馆,以及茶水,巧克力店和鸡尾酒酒吧享受享有的标志性饮品。

The book takes you through a typical French day, starting with beloved favorites like café au lait, homemade citron pressé (lemonade), herbal tisanes, fresh mint tea, and hot chocolate with salted butter caramel (which you can top with a homemade Armagnac marshmallow with a recipe that’s also included in the book), as well as two other favorite versions of French hot chocolate. As the day progresses, you might find yourself craving an icy-cold chocolate or coffee frappé, or a refreshing Spritz cocktail – with a French twist,biensûr.。其他章节包括口渴的Apéritifs,自制利口酒和输注的食谱,以及数十种法国鸡尾酒,经典和当代,从法国最好的调酒师剔除。

因为当你喝酒时,有些东西可以吃点东西总是很好,你会发现一章小吃,当你啜饮时,从加香料坚果到Cornmeal-Bacon Madeleines的一切。无论你住在哪里,你都可以用同样的饮用joie de vie法国人所闻名。

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L \'Appart

My Paris Kitchen

My Paris Kitchenfeatures over 100 of my favorite recipes that I make in my kitchen in Paris. Included are recipes for appetizers, first courses, main courses, and – of naturally – dessert! (All recipes are in standard and metric measurements.) There are stories throughout the book about Paris and Parisian culture, and the book is lavishly photographed, with pictures of the streets, cafés, bakeries, chocolate, cheeses, and pastries that make Paris such a delicious city.My Paris Kitchen被洛杉矶时报,亚马逊,国家公共收音机(NPR),严重吃,芝加哥论坛,吃你的书,灿烂的桌子和华盛顿邮政,被评为一年中的十大食谱之一。


The Perfect Scoop

十周年版本The Perfect Scoop在这儿!每个人都在家里制作冰淇淋的最喜欢的书已经完全修改并更新了十几个新食谱,并且更有更多的提示和技术,用于在家里搅拌最好的冰淇淋。


因为冰淇淋在食用东西栖息时总是更好地味道,你会发现自制锥体,羽毛蛋白甜饼,金褐色奶油泡芙,耐嚼的食谱cakey brownies, as well as oversized cookies to make the best ice cream sandwiches you’ve ever tasted. Start churning today withThe Perfect Scoop


在这里,他们是我最喜欢的甜点食谱,在一个美味的卷中。准备好甜点提供慷慨的食谱集合Room for DessertRipe for Dessert已完全更新和修订,以及在以前从未发布过的全新食谱的选择。这种郁郁葱葱的书籍拥有从热情的椰子克隆蛋糕,巧克力蘸,肥料灌装,乡村甜点和着名的新鲜姜蛋糕配方,除了近150人外,还有一切。


The Sweet Life in Paris

Like many others, I dreamed of living in Paris ever since I first visited the city. Finally, after a nearly two-decade career as a pastry chef and cookbook author, I moved to Paris. Having crammed all my worldly belongings into three suitcases, after a ride in the smallest elevator that I’ve ever ridden in (never mind I had three large suitcases in there with me as well), I arrived in my new home with high hopes, ready to start all over again, in Paris.

但我很快发现它在法国是一个不同的世界。From learning the ironclad rules of social conduct to the mysteries of men’s footwear, from shopkeepers who seem to work hard not to sell you something, to the etiquette of learning the right way around the cheese plate, here is my story of how I came to fall in love with—and even understand—this glorious, yet quirky city.

The Sweet Life in Pariswas a finalist in theBest Literary Writingcategory in the 2010 Cuisinart/International Association of Culinary Professionals awards.


巧克力的世界终极指南,this comprehensive volume has it all, beginning with how chocolate is made to explaining what those labels mean, simple explanations of the history of chocolate as well as some of the startling health benefits that scientists have discovered about chocolate. The New York Times and Food+Wine magazine named这本巧克力的书was noted by as one of the best books of the year.

Much of the book is devoted to recipes for classic and modernized chocolate desserts, which are guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of Chocophiles everywhere! You’ll find recipes for moist and light Chocolate-Cherry Scones to Warm Individual Chocolate Cakes oozing chocolaty goodness. With simple instructions to make your own unbelievably good Belgian Chocolate Truffles and my famous recipe for Homemade Rocky Road, this is the one book that every chocolate-lover needs to own.


由全国范围内的批评者闻名,并被称为“瞬间杰作”旧金山审查员甜点空间was honored by being selected as a finalist for an IACP/KitchenAid Best Book on Baking Award. There are over 100 recipes from everything from a simple, yet over-the-top Chocolate Orbit Cake to Chocolate Chunk Cookies, as well as a great recipe for chewy Coconut Macaroons that you will want to make over and over. The recipe for Fresh Ginger Cake is a classic, and another reason that甜点空间已成为无处不在的家庭厨师的最爱。The New York Timessaid about甜点空间“大卫的说明是如此清晰简单,食谱是如此善良,这很清楚他是一位主贝克是什么。”(请注意,本书已不打印。从中包含一系列食谱准备好甜点。)

Ripe For Dessert

Ripe For Dessert在内部,外部和旁边具有果实的甜点。Whether you’re looking for something simple and delightful, such as a flavorful Apple and Blackberry Crisp and a luscious Plum Cake with Toffee Topping, or what many consider ‘The Absolute Best Brownies’ in the world with a secret ingredient and a lofty, brightly-flavored Lime and Marshmallow Pie,Ripe for Dessert包括每个人最喜欢的甜点。(请注意,本书已不打印。从中包含一系列食谱准备好甜点。)


在旧金山湾区最好的面包师的集体结果,我们测试了数百个芝士蛋糕,以最适合,最奶油和更密度的芝士蛋糕想象力。其他贡献者包括Flo Branker,Alice Medrich,Carol Field和Marion Cunningham。结果是一系列超大的食谱,由我们的聚会和烘烤组合在那里我们互相学到的,如何使完美的天使食物蛋糕,最好的饼干,最巧克涂的饼干和梦幻巧克力蛋糕的秘密。